Sorhuet & Sapelli Consultoría Empresarial dedicates its days to advice, do budgets, make accounts, transactions, constitute, buy, sell and reform societies, prepare bylaws and corporate books, write documents, contracts, tax strategies, calculate and settle wages, etc., depending on the requirements and diverse needs of its customers.

Fiscal Services

Sorhuet & Sapelli Consultoría Empresarial offers a reliable, efficient and quick service in tax matters, giving creative advice and efficient settlements and by achieving the best strategy according to the interests of their clients.

The main services provided by professionals in this area are:

  • Advice on national taxes, including direct and the indirect ones.
  • Tax planning (including local, offshore and Free Zone instruments).
  • Advice on state taxes.
  • Advice on social security contributions.
  • Advice on international treaties to avoid double taxation.
  • Review and preparation of tax returns.
  • Query evacuation.
  • Tax audits.
  • Diagnosis of the company’s tax situation.
  • Advising clients in their cases before the fiscal authorities.
  • Querying binding.
  • Corporate restructuring (mergers, spin-offs, liquidations and transfer of assets).
  • Advice on tax benefits for investment promotion.
Legal and Notary Services

Sorhuet & Sapelli Consultoría Empresarial has Law and Notary professionals.

Here are some of the legal and notary services offered:


The firm offers different forms and types of national and international companies and structures, depending on the clients’ needs.

Sorhuet & Sapelli Consultoría Empresarial provides Uruguayan and foreign company incorporations, re-locations, transformations, capital increases or decreases and dissolutions.  It also advises and carries out share purchase agreements and shareholders’ syndications. The firm conducts the sale of commercial establishments, statutory audits, due diligences, trusts, and drafting of other commercial contracts.


The firm obtains public authorizations and approvals for the implementation of projects that require them, or for tax exemptions and declarations of “national interest” purposes.

Sorhuet & Sapelli Consultoría Empresarial assists and advises its clients in purchases of companies, mergers, acquisitions and corporate demergers.


Sorhuet & Sapelli Consultoría Empresarial has been working with foreign and domestic investors for a long time. It represents them in front of various banking institutions, with which it keeps excellent business relationships. Operations such as opening current and savings accounts (for companies or individuals), financing procedures, loans, guarantees, leases, and transactions with foreign banks, among others, are regularly performed at the firm.


Sorhuet & Sapelli Consultoría Empresarial participates in tenders representing different national and international clients. It drafts the appropriate administrative contracts and carries out all the necessary steps before the Public Administration offices: request of permits, licenses, authorizations, etc.

At the same time, the firm provides legal advice to its clients in the litigation area of Administrative Law, filing for appeals and representing them in trials at the Court of Administrative Litigation.


Lawyers advise on, among other topics, labor  ​​management, dispute resolutions and contracts.  Sorhuet & Sapelli Consultoría Empresarial is actively involved in negotiations and especially in conflict prevention.

It also offers guidance concerning Social Security matters.

When companies decide to settle in the country, the firm provides them with information regarding Labor Law, work permits and visas for foreign workers.


Sorhuet & Sapelli Consultoría Empresarial offers advice on Civil, Commercial, Labor, Family and Administrative legal disputes and sponsors their clients through trials.

It also performs settlements, mediations and other ADR (alternative dispute resolution) methods.

Sorhuet & Sapelli Consultoría Empresarial also conducts bankruptcy proceedings, legal actions and loan recoveries for its clients.


The firm advises and assists in international trade operations, including management of import and export documents, insurance contracts, freight and auxiliary agents, banking, etc. It offers a comprehensive analysis of the existing legislation in MERCOSUR and WTO, providing the best solutions and business opportunities for its clients.


The firm provides comprehensive advice for those who are interested in developing or improving their agricultural business, participating in the development of all types of agricultural contracts such as leases, cropping, grazing, capitalization of livestock, agribusiness, forest garment, etc.


Sorhuet & Sapelli Consultoría Empresarial drafts and assists clients in all types of preliminary and definitive contracts, guarantee agreements, leases, contracts of mandates or powers of attorney, and all sort of contracts, such as Exchange Agreements, Donations, Loans, Commodatum, Life Annuities, Usufructs, Use and Occupation Agreements, Foundations, Nonprofit Organizations, Signature Certifications, etc.


The firm offers advice on all aspects of Family Law.

Regarding Inheritance Law, it deals with all kinds of last wills and testaments, extrajudicial distributions of estate, legacies, refusals of inheritance, probate proceedings, trusts, etc.

As for marital property regimes, it drafts prenuptial agreements and assists in separations and dissolutions of marriage, among others.


Sorhuet & Sapelli Consultoría Empresarial works according to the clients’ needs, obtaining documents, entering information in national registries and requesting all kinds of registry information. The firm interprets Certificates issued by the Registry, as well as registrations, descriptions and real estate boundary demarcations, publicity of information, etc. and performs other ordinary registry practices.

Accounting Services

Sorhuet & Sapelli Consultoría Empresarial has great experience and deep knowledge in accounting and tax regulations allowing to learn and report the economic, financial and fiscal situation of the costumer and its companies.

The accounting services include:

  • Preparation of balances in pesos and dollar currency.
  •  Maintenance of books and issuance of reports.
  • Presentation of balances for financial institutions, parent companies, public agencies, and interested parties (always with proper authorization).
  •  Budget formulation.
  • Constant budget´s review.
  • Projecting balance sheets and income statements.
  •  Audit and inspection services.
  • Diagnosis of the company’s financial position.
  • Identification and risk assessment of each business.
  • Strategies and implementation of measures to mitigate risks.
  • Analysis of strengths and weaknesses of each company.
  •  Breaking point analysis.
Administration Services  

Sorhuet & Sapelli Consultoría Empresarial provides administration services in a responsible and reliable way, always adapting to the needs of their customers and complying with national and international laws and regulations according to the type of company that is being administrated.

The companies administrated by Sorhuet & Sapelli Consultoría Empresarial are Uruguayans, including domestic Corporations, Financial Investment Companies, Free Zone Corporations, Limited Liability Companies, and also societies from different countries such as Panama, BVI (British Virgin Islands), USA (Limited Liability Companies).  Closed Corporations and others, concerning international businesses are administrated as well.

Administration services include as well:

  • Acquisition and creation of societies.
  • Director and secretariat services.
  • Address services.
  • Opening and administration of bank accounts services.