About us

Reliability, professionalism, commitment to excellence, discretion and perseverance are our principles…


The Members of Sorhuet & Sapelli have as their greatest challenge, to be recognized for their excellence, dedication and experience in each work area where they offer their services. As a result of this ongoing commitment it has succeeded in expanding its customer base, both nationally and internationally. Its clientele is becoming more extensive and varied having clients since 1984 in Brazil, Argentina, Paraguay, Chile, France, Spain, Italy, England, Canada and the United States.

Its growth is due, for its constant commitment to excellence of its solid team of professionals, their dedication and their permanent training. S&S has become a trusted advisor to its clients, a role established daily by their excellent services, the personalized attendance, prudence in counseling and administration, efficiency and an unwavering work ethic. Sorhuet & Sapelli always attempts to exceed expectations, seeking the best solutions for their clients.