Uruguay, a country of opportunities


Besides from the incentives provided, Uruguay is a country chosen by investors for its quality of life, safety, nice geographical and climatic conditions which are also beneficial for agriculture. It is a country with highly developed infrastructure and logistics, with reliable energy supplies and abundance of drinkable water.

Uruguay is strategically located at the south of Brazil and Argentina, with coasts on the Atlantic Ocean and the Río de la Plata. Its capital, Montevideo, has one of the most important commercial ports in South America.

It has attractive free trade zones and free ports regimes. Uruguay is in continuous growth despite global crisis.
It is part of Mercosur, a free trade area which has a GDP of U$S 2 billion, that also includes Argentina, Brazil and Paraguay.

Uruguay is recognized worldwide for its excellence in education, provision of services and production.
The Uruguayan government has a favorable position on foreign investment which is reflected in its providence of a wide range of incentives. The Law No. 16.906 establishes the national interest for promotion and protection of domestic and foreign investment in Uruguayan territory with a general regime which does not require prior authorization.

Uruguay is considered the Switzerland of America for its excellent banking system and free flow of capital.